About Hinduism

The word ‘Hindu’ is derived from the word ‘Sindhu’. People who practiced a way of life in the valley of the Sindhu river and spread throughout India and the world are called the Hindu’s. The Hindu’s way of life is a cultural practice.

The culture is derived from teachings in the Vedas, Puranas, Ramayana, Mahabharata and several. other books written by sages. The culture and traditions have been passed down by our ancestors from time itself.

Hindu culture is dynamic and has evolved for the better by proper interpretations of our ancient texts and has adapted to the changing times without destroying the basic values.

These changes have been brought by the teachings of the one God who presented itself as different incarnations at different times. Religious leaders and Guru’s have played an important role in bringing these changes.

There are several offshoots of the Hindu Dharma like Sikhism, Jainism, Buddhism etc. The Hindu embraces them all under the one broad umbrella of Hindu Dharma. The Hindu is taught to be tolerant to all faiths and beliefs.

The Hindu believes as authoritative the religious guidance of the Vedic scriptures, and lives in accordance with Dharma, God’s divine laws as revealed in the Vedic scriptures

The Hindu can disagree with the tenets of a scripture if he likes without antagonizing anyone. A Hindu worships whenever he chooses to. He is not obliged to celebrating a Hindu festival or to perform a ritual if he chooses not to.

There are no mandatory religious dictates.

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