About us

Hinduism is a misunderstood religion for the many. Only learned scholars understand understood the essence and practised the Hindu way of life. This practice is not governed by a single body and therefore, there are no fixed tenets to initiate the follower. Because of this we have lost large sections of the masses to foreign religions due to their concerted and well funded efforts in religious conversions

The fault largely lies with us because we have neglected some of our brothers from different sections of the community, and failed to bring them closer to the family. It is the coming generations that needs to be initiated to the original philosophies and cultural practices of Hinduism, so that they are well informed and spread the message of love, tolerance and dignity. We are a group of people who have banded together to spread the

Sri adi Sankracharya in his 32 years of his life, single-handedly travelled the length and breadth of the Indian subcontinent and preached advaita. He played an important role in bringing the Hindus together under one unified umbrella. We are a group of people who have banded together to spread the concept of original Hinduism as taught by him.

Listed below are some of our aims:

To spread the Hindu way of life according to original Hindu way of life.


Teach the Hindu rituals of worship.


Spread the way of life of the Hindu’s through the Puranas.


Bring the community closer and help those we have lost to return back to our fold.