To obtain the blessings from a successful Pooja according to the Hindu Custom One must initiate the pooja with your own unique sankalpam. Then perform the pooja rituals. which includes offering, Vastra (New Clothes)  Phalam (Fruits) , Pushpam (Flowers) , Gandham ( aromatic scents like sandalwood paste) and Prasadam  (Food offerings) to the Deities.

At the conclusion of the pooja one must do a aarti and offer teertham followed by Prasadam (Share the food offerings)  to all who are present.

In the end you need to offer a token Dakshina (Donation).


*Aarti: Light a camphor on a plate and wave it in a circular motion around the deity and then show it to all the attendees . The attendees pay their respect by putting their palms over the flame and touching their eyes. Some may offer token donations on the plate.

* Teertham: This is a bowl that contains the teertham. It can me made with pancha amruta or simply plain water with a few Tulasi (holy basil) leaves in it. This is the same bowl or goblet whch was used in the pooja and now the water has received the holy blessings.

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