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Dhanwantri Prasadam

Dhanwantri is the Physician of the Gods. When the gods and Demons churned the ocean (sagarmanthanam) he is one of the byproducts that came out with the bowl of ‘Amrita’ (elixir of immortality). He is also the originator of the Indian herbal medicine system ‘Ayurveda’. The poetry below is dedicated to him and is a collection of knowledge from different sources.


Apples helps to Cushion Joints

Protect your heart and stops Diarrhea

Gives more lung capacity

And prevents constipation


Apricots fight cancer and controls blood pressure

Eyesight it protects

And shield from Alzheimer’s

Slows you from aging


Artichokes aids digestion and lows cholesterol

They stabilize blood sugar and that’s not all!

They guard against liver disease that’s good

Protect your heart?. That it would..


Avocadoes smooth skin and fights diabetes

Lowers cholesterol and helps stops strokes

Controls blood pressure

Calms the mind as it goes


Bananas the yellow fruit of the Gods

Controls the heartbeat and protects the heart

Quiets a cough and strengthens bones

Stops diarrhea at the start


Bananas for Joint pain is good

Four to five days for sure

Eat them as much as you can

Three short a dozen the least


Beans stabilizes blood sugar

Provides the fiber to fight hemorrhoids

Smoothest constipation by far

And is a cancer fighting resources


Beets raw and mashed prevent colon cancer

Reduce cholesterol level in the blood

Give strength to bones and reduce blood pressure

Best of source to prevent birth defects


Blueberries slow aging and help the immune system

Protect from heart disease and constipation

Memory improver and cancer fighter

Keeps eyesight healthy and blood sugar stable


Broccoli fight a range of cancer cells

Protect heart from disease and fight constipation

Removes toxin from the body as it give glow to skin

Strengthen bones and fight anemia


Cabbage fights cancer promotes weight loss

What acts as wise as a sage?

Aids constipation, hemorrhoids and your heart? can be any age to consume cabbage!


Cantaloupes saves eyesight and combats cancer

They also support the immune system too

They control your blood pressure if needed

Share this info. Don’t be conceited!!


Carrots can lower cholesterol and prevent stroke

Prevent cancer and regulate sugar

Improve eyesight when eaten raw

And get relief from constipation


Cauliflower for colon health and prevent colon cancer

Protect rheumatoid arthritis

Reduce stroke and immunity

Heal bruises and protect from heart diseases


Cherries ease pain for arthritis and gout

Protects from cancer and heart diseases

Helps regulate sleep and protect memory loss

Keep you young as it slows aging process


Chestnuts help prevent heart risks and lowers cholesterol

Fertility in men it helps and control blood pressure

Fights common cold

A good fight it gives to cancer


Chili and Cayenne pepper relieve congestion

Fight infection and prevent ulcers and gastritis

Relieves gas and clear sinus

Fights cancer and helps immune system


Figs a good source for weight loss and lower blood pressure

Treat constipation, sexual weakness and piles

Diabetes cough, bronchitis and asthma

Lower Cholesterol, protect from stroke and cancer


Fish for regulating flow of blood and heartbeat

Reduce inflammation and help for rheumatoid arthritis

Reduce mental decline and support immune system

Will control blood pressure and help fight cancer


Flax help immune system and fight depression

Protect from heart disease and menopausal symptoms

Fight constipation, cholesterol, cancer and diabetes

All in all it helps in digestion


Garlic the wonder for Diabetes and High blood pressure

Apply it raw for toothaches warts and fungus

Helps in diabetes and cough

Combats cancer and kills bacteria


Grapefruit for weight loss and to prevent strokes

It also helps with prostate cancer. Tell your folks!!

It lowers cholesterol and can stop a heart attack

Promotes weight loss and give u a shape you lack (IF)


Grapes may save your eyesight and enhance blood flow

It protects your heart and helps you on the go

It fights cancer cells and can conquer a kidney stone

You don’t have to share them. Eat them all alone!!


Green tea fights cancer and stops a possible stroke

Its good to drink with less chances to choke

It saves your heart from any possible conditions

Kills bacteria if you have any more questions!?


Honey fights allergies and heals wounds they say

Guards against ulcers

Aids digestion and relieves constipation

Sore throat and cold if mixed with lime juice


Crushed Garlic raw if eaten

Can prevent Cancer

Relaxes your blood pressure

Decrease Triglycerides and Cholesterol

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